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Cutting Forms


Pork Cutting Form

Beef Cutting Form



Custom Processing Prices
Hanging Weight $0.60/lb
Whole Sheep & Goat $45/hd
Partial or Multiple Carcass Pary $0.50/lb
Handling Fee Under 125 lbs $0.20/lb
Smoking & Curing Fee $0.55/lb
Stuffing and Smoking $0.85/lb
Slicing $0.25/lb
Tenderizing $0.25/lb
Fresh Sausage Seasoning $0.25/lb
Patty Making, Min. 50 Lbs $0.25/lb
Extra Boning $.10/lb

Ask for Pricing on the Following

Beef Halves 250 lbs and up

Beef Hind Quarter, Cut and Wrapped

135 lbs and up


Additional Information to Consider

  • $0.05 per pound, per day freezer charge after 6th day since being contacted about order completion.
  • All charges must be paid in full at the time of pick-up.