florence High school meat lab and Market

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Custom Processing

  • Customer service is our top priority, and we will process to your specifications (thickness of meat and package type of desire).

  • Custom cattle can be brought to several local facilities to be harvested and then transported to our facility to be custom cut and wrapped.

  • Custom Choice or higher beef carcasses are avaliable for purchase and cut to  customer specifications.

  • Call more for information on prices : (254) 793-3955


Retail Sales

  • All products are graded USDA choice or better

  • We carry a full line of beef, and pork products and seasonally, lamb.

  • We also carry smoked and processed meats.

  • Visit our retail store and visit with our students about how we can best fit your needs!



This is the current price sheet. ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE!